Happy Autumn…my favourite time of year as the leaves crisp up and turn a thousand shades.

A project of mine has finally come into fruition this month and it’s something I have been thinking about for a long time. I read a great book in the summer about women creating their own ventures (She Means Business – check it out). I’ve had a lot of musical ideas bubbling about in my head for the last year and something which really struck me in this book was the message that to start a great project, you don’t necessarily need to have your final goal in mind. You just need a seed, an idea, a feeling about something you want to achieve. And then you follow - keep creating, nurturing, building – until it becomes something more tangible and real. So that’s what I did.

Music, the theme, and one of the most important parts of my life, inspires and lifts. It heals. It eases stress and anxiety by putting fear into words, and melodies. What I have been trying to figure out is how to turn this healing, therapeutic feeling I get from song writing outwards, to share with others in some way. A kind of music therapy to nurture and soothe. My songs come from an absolute truth when I write it and for this project, I wanted to reflect that.

So began a lot of searching and wondering and discussing, scribbling ideas down. And gradually it became a plan – a class called ‘My Hour’ which is an hour of essential self-care, music therapy and meditation. I have worked with a very special friend of mine, Ismene Cole, on this project and we finally did our first class this month. It went well, and what has surprised me the most is how natural it all felt. It has sparked a lot of other ideas for me and I am really happy about this new chapter which has grown organically from that little seed.

So I am very busy planning the next class and other gigs, and creating new things in my mind. Some will fade and some will, like this one, keep growing.

Soon soon



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