I have had a lot of conversations this month about truthfulness and the importance of living authentically. Winter is always a time of change for me, of reflection, and often of hibernation…I struggle to let go of some things in my life as I suppose we all do, and this year is no different.

What I have learnt lately is that my honesty and openness, which I used to see as my vulnerability, is, in the right company, a gift. It is this that gets me through the losses I am facing, and it is this which ensures I am leading the most meaningful life I can. And around people whose connections are genuine, whose love for me is truthful, I can embrace who I am and follow with an honest heart. I hope that you find the same. If not, this is a little reminder that it isn’t always a question of changing yourself, but your environment. I work with children every day, and often I think of flowers – if a flower starts to wilt you don’t change the flower, but the environment in which it grows. I have probably stolen that from somewhere but it is absolutely right.

I live in a city now, for the first time in a long time, and sometimes it inspires me and sometimes it suffocates me. I am learning that it is okay to make changes, to be unsure, to lack focus. Sometimes I can’t write anything down for days. But we can only take one step at a time. The only thing we can truly follow with certainty is the truth in our heart. Sometimes it is fuzzy and sometimes it is sharper than ice.

Music for me is an authentic connection with myself, and others. A way to be truly me, and I am very grateful for it. At the darkest of times, it brings light. So find what makes you unique, and focus in. Embrace it as if it were your oldest friend.

If you are grieving, or hurting, I would like to say I share that with you, and if you can stay open to all the feelings rushing through you, your journey may not be easier, but it will be more honest. And when we cry, for everything we are losing or have lost, and have no control over, we can tune into that part of us that is real, rather than the part we so often show to the world.

To a truer existence,

xx Pippa xx

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